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Ormus Salts  

Ormus salts are made from organic salts that are got from the sea.  

These salts are composed of several elements that are responsible for connecting an individual to the quantum field.  

The monatomic elements in ormus salts contribute to the establishment of conditions that are associated with balance, well-being and harmony o the earth. 

Ormus salts also plays a major task of ensuring that there is connection between high-spin state coopers -hiring to the feeling of the presence of a human being.  

It is very important for you to note that there are two categories of people as far as ormus salts are concerned.  

There are individuals who feel its role in connection with the body and the other category consists of those people who cannot feel such kind of connection.  

Ormus salts are from the mineral kingdom. These elements are designed to fit the ground and they also make useful connections to the earth. 



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